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January 9, 2010 / Nick

19 reasons Jesus understands your pain and 1 reason you ought to consider serving Him.

  1. He was the victim of malicious rumours from within the womb, considered a “bastard child”.
  2. He saw the suffering His mother endured at the hands of gossipers.
  3. He was not born in a hospital, or a house, but in a farm stable in an animals feeding trough.
  4. The day He was born Herod, inspired by Satan tried to murder Him.
  5. He grew with the pressure of knowing He had a special calling on His life that meant He had to be different to the other children and young men in Nazareth.
  6. He was raised in the ghetto of Nazareth, he know’s what it is to live in a rough neighbourhood.
  7. He only ever taught and did good and yet people said He was possessed with a devil.
  8. His closest disciple sold Him out for money, betraying Him with a kiss on the cheek (the kiss of death).
  9. His closest friends whose feet He washed the muck off ran away at the first sign of trouble.
  10. He was subjected to an illegal trail by night before supposedly men of God.
  11. False witnesses blatantly lied against Him contradicting each other with their lies, yet He remained silent.
  12. He was held in prison and moved from court to court yet He had done nothing worthy of being charged.
  13. He had the power to call 10,000 angels from Heaven to destroy the Roman Empire and yet He held His peace when standing before Pontius Pilate (today Pilate the judge is dead, yet Jesus sits on the Judgement Throne of Heaven forever).
  14. He was not a criminal and yet he humbled Himself to carry a cross–the emblem of a crook–for you and for me.
  15. He did not back out of going to the Cross despite being the Father of Time, He kept walking for you and I.
  16. Only one of His closest friends came to His crucifixion: Peter, James, Andrew etc. where not there for Him.
  17. In the midst of the anguish of being crucified He was able to witness to the thieves He was stuck between.
  18. In the midst of His pain and rejection He was able to pray and connect with God, interceding on our behalf.
  19. He came to earth, taking on humanity, to save us and we crucified Him.
  20. Despite all He has endured He is still offering eternal life to anyone who wants it.
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