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December 24, 2009 / Nick

10 things the Tabernacle shows us about approaching God.

10 Things the Tabernacle shows us about drawing near to God.

  1. In the Gate of the Tabernacle we see that God has opened up a way for us to approach Him.
  2. In the Brazen Altar we see that God has provided a remedy to our sin that we might approach Him.
  3. In the Brazen Laver we see that God is willing to wash us from the sin of our past that we might approach Him.
  4. In the Door of the Tabernacle we see that all we need is to knock in faith and God will open to us when we approach Him.
  5. In the Table of Shewbread we see that God has provided for us, to care for us, when we approach Him.
  6. In the Godlen Candlestick we see that God has illuminated our path that we might approach Him.
  7. In the Altar of Incence we see that God is ready to recieve the prayers of all who would approach Him.
  8. In the Viel of the Tabernacle we see that God loves us enough to not let us be consumed by His glory when we approach Him.
  9. In the the Mercy Seat on the Ark we wee that God although Holy and Just loves us enough to be merciful to all who approach Him.
  10. In the Ark we see that (i) God has a law for us to live by in the tablets of stone, that (ii) God has provision for our every need in the manna and (iii) that all the while it was God who appointed us and called us to approach Him in Aaron’s rod that budded.

So, let us draw near with a full assurance and faith that He who has begun a good work in us will not fail us.



  1. caleb / Apr 19 2010 4:43 pm


  2. youcanteachanolddognewtricks / May 19 2010 3:40 am

    Excellent! I have just begun studying the tabernacle and the meaning behind each item. Very interesting. It is so amazing how GOD did things in such an orderly and informative way. When the time is right our eyes are opened and we understand. At the time the Jewish people were given the very detailed instructions to follow in building the tabernacle they did not know the prophecy GOD was sharing and that some day JESUS would fulfill those prophecies and HIS sacrifice would free us all of sin and condemnation if we only accept and believe that HE is the ONLY way to our Father GOD and JESUS IS GOD. Thank YOU JESUS for your love and the sacrifice YOU made for me. Thank YOU GOD for giving us YOUR only SON to pay the price for our sins if we will believe and receive!

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