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July 9, 2009 / Nick

10 biblical examples that Jesus is so much better than.

I have been studying the book of Hebrews lately and I have to say it is awesome with a capital “A”.  I love the way the writer, whoever he was, deconstructs all the things the Jewish Christian’s who were weak in their faith were leaning towards by showing them how much BETTER Jesus is.   This has inspired me to look at the Bible and pull out examples of people, places and events that Jesus is so much BETTER than.

Here goes…

1. The Son is better than the sun, because He is the tue light, John wrote about it and said there is no sun in heaven because the Son is the light that lights eternity.

2. Jesus is better than the covering of skins God made for Adam and Eve when they sinned.  As time went on Adam and Eve needed new animal skins, but when Jesus covers you by His grace it is once and for all.

3. Jesus is a better sacrifice than that offered by Abel.  Abel offered the best of his flock, Christ offered Himself, as a firstborn lamb without blemish from the flock of God.

4. Jesus is better than Noah.  Noah’s name means rest, but yet the dove did not rest on Noah, it left him and only found rest when we saw the Spirit in the form of a dove resting on Jesus Christ – the true rest.

5. The Ark Noah built was a refuge for 2 of every kind of animal, 7 of every clean animal and 8 souls including Noah.  However, Jesus is better because in Him billions have found refuge.

6. At Babel the people had a single language and were united for evil.  In Christ he has given us a heavenly language in unknown tongues, and we are united for good – that’s better!

7. The Passover lamb’s blood covered you while you were in the house.  However, the blood of Jesus covers me whether I am at church, home, school or abroad.  He has covered not just the lintel of the doorpost, his blood covers the lintel of our heart.

8. Jesus is greater than Moses.  Moses parted the red sea, but Jesus had the power to command the winds and the waves.  He also leads us by a better way than the Exodus.  Moses created lanes in the sea by petitioning God.  Jesus has power to cause us to walk on water, as Peter did by faith.

9. The Ark of the Covenant was wood overlaid with gold.  But the true Ark Jesus Christ was divinity overlaid with humanity.

10. The manna that fell in the wilderness needed to be eaten within 24hrs, but the Bread of Life Jesus Christ did not see any corruption after 3 days, and even now over 2000 years later he is still fresh.


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