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June 5, 2009 / Nick

35,000 people recieve the Holy Spirit every day.

I am currently re-reading a little, but very informative, book by Dr Joe Nelson of Parkersberg Bible College called: Historical Outline of Apostolic Faith in North America. It is fascinating and a brilliant contribution to the growing body of work written by Apostolic authors documenting the history of Orthodox Apostolic Christianity (Oneness Pentecostalism).

Between the pages is a breathtaking quote, apparently 35,000 are filled with the Holy Ghost every single day!!

Imagine that? I am sure that’s a sports stadium full of people glorifying God in unknown tongues for the first time every day. That’s 11m people a year!

The numbers include all who would consider themselves “Pentecostal” ie Apostolic, Trinitarian, Charismatic, 3rd Wave etc… It is truly amazing to see how the words of Joel, uttererd by Peter on that 50th day after Passover AD 33 are being wonderfully fulfilled by God.

A more depressing statistic was that there are at least 270 different Apostolic organisations in the US & Canada. That stat was as at c. 1998, so I imagine it’s upwards of 300 now. Like Jesus said, I pray to the Father in Jesus’ name that we might be united. Can you imagine how many more souls we could reach worldwide if the Body of Christ came together in the bond of peace!

God can do it, He is doing it!



  1. slamdunk / Jun 5 2009 11:07 am

    35,000 is an incredible number to think about.

  2. j / Jun 13 2009 10:37 pm

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