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January 25, 2009 / Nick

According to scripture is the antichrist’s nationality: Jewish or Gentile.

Who is the antichrist?

The word antichrist is only mentioned in the bible in 1 and 2 John. However, several other books describe a similar character. The antichrist is the final world leader before Christ returns to earth, he will be empowered by Satan (Rev. 13:2).

When will antichrist rule?

Antichrist will rule during what Jesus called ‘the times of the Gentiles’ (Lk. 21:24). This period began when the Jewish people began to be ruled by the Babylonians in 586 BC. Daniel saw successive Gentile powers ruling over the Jewish people until Messiah returns (Dan. 2:38-44; 7:1-27).

Under ‘the time of the gentiles’ there is no Jewish kingdom. There has been no Jewish kingdom since Babylonian exile, there will not be a Jewish king until Christ returns and fulfils the ‘times of the gentiles’. Therefore, it is unlikely the antichrist could be of Jewish origin.

What does Revelation say about the origin of the antichrist?

According to Revelation 13:1-2 John saw ‘a beast rise up out of the sea’. In typology the ‘sea’ is usually a reference to the Gentile nations. Therefore, we see that antichrist will rise up from among the Gentiles.

Which historical figures does scripture liken antichrist unto?

The book of Daniel spoke of an abomination of desolation (Dan. 12:11). This has two fulfilments. Firstly, Daniel spoke of a ‘little horn’ that would arise during the Grecian empire (Dan. 8:8-11). This was Antiochus Ephipanes (Antiochus IV), he slew a pig on the Jewish temple altar and put an idol in the Most Holy Place. However, the second or more distant fulfilment of Dan. 12:11 will come when one like the Antiochus arises as a ‘little horn’ from the final kingdom to reign before Messiah comes (Dan. 7:7-11). This ‘little horn’ is the antichrist. Therefore, we get a clue as to who the antichrist will be from the Gentile warrior-ruler Antiochus Ephipanes.

In the book of Revelation, John is given a picture of the antichrist that fits the Roman emperor Nero. For example, the number of the antichrist shall be 666, in Latin (as in Hebrew) letters were also used as numbers. People would therefore use numbers as code words for names (e.g. ‘my lovers name is 545). The number 666 has the same numerical value as Nero. Revelation 13:3 speaks of antichrist recovering from a fatal wound. Likewise there was a Roman legend that Nero would rise from the dead. John believed the antichrist would possess the same demonic, oppressive nature as gentile emperor Nero (for more on Nero see: At the Last Trumpet, William Barclay p.118).

What does the Bible say about the antichrist’s nation?

Daniel 9:26 describes antichrist as ‘the prince that shall come’, further it gives us a hint as to his nationality, for it says: ‘and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary’. In AD 70, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. The antichrist will be final ruler of the Roman empire restored, this corresponds to Daniel’s visions of Dan. 2:42-43 and Dan. 7:7.

What is the origin of Antichrist being Jewish teaching?

According to Ice & Demy (1997) writing in ‘Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy from A to Z’ the authors state: –

“A widely-held belief throughout the history of the church has been the notion that Antichrist will be of Jewish origin. Upon closer examination, there is no real scriptural basis for such a view”.

The authors identify 3 reasons for this belief:
(1) ‘The Anti-Semitic Reason’ He will be a Jew since the Jews are responsible for the world’s problems – this is rooted in anti-Semitism.
(2) ‘The Logical Reason’ states Jews will accept antichrist as Messiah, and Jews wouldn’t accept a Gentile Messiah, therefore Anti-Christ is a Jew. However, there is no scripture to support this view, it is based purely on human reasoning – scripture only speaks of Antichrist making a covenant with the Jews (Dan, 9:26-27.
(3) The Dan Reason is based on Gen. 49:17 ‘Dan shall be a serpent in the way’. Jeremiah 8:16 is also used, but it is most likely this verse speaks of Nebuchadnezzar attacking Israel from the Northern most region of Israel travelling down to Jerusalem.

Doesn’t Revelation 7:4-7 support antichrist being from Dan’s tribe?

Rev. 7 does not list Dan’s tribe among those sealed. However, this is not a proof antichrist will be from his tribe. Arguably, if the 144,000 are interpreted literally as Jewish evangelists, would God cast out an entire tribe of his people for one man sin? Also, if the 144,000 are interpreted as a symbolic reference to the perfect church (i.e. 12 x 12) the argument doesn’t stand.

Doesn’t scripture say antichrist will ‘not regard the God of his fathers’?

Dan 11:37 is best translated ‘gods of his fathers’, as some translations such as NASB have done. Read in it’s context of Dan 11:36 and 11:37 it is clear this verse speaks of a pagan. For example, Nero considered himself a god and was also a homosexual fitting the type of character given to the ‘prince who is to come’.



  1. Bozz / Jan 26 2009 5:17 pm

    Under ‘the time of the gentiles’ there is no Jewish kingdom. There has been no Jewish kingdom since Babylonian exile, there will not be a Jewish king until Christ returns and fulfils the ‘times of the gentiles’. Therefore, it is unlikely the antichrist could be of Jewish origin”
    My brother, just because there isn’t a nation doesn’t mean there aren’t any Jews?
    Up until WW1, Jews were oust in northern euro (you should know-lol)… so Jews were known as a race & mearly a nation..Please correct me if I’m not understanding you correctly.

    • jesusblogger / Jan 26 2009 5:27 pm


      How are you?

      I didn’t mean to communicate that the jewish race ceased to exist. What I was saying is that the Jewish ‘kingdom’ ceased with the Babylonian exile. That is, when the Jews returned they were a nation which was under the rule of Gentile kings and kingdoms e.g. Persia, Greece then Rome. When Rome destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70 the jews were scattered and in 1941 they regathered in Israel. But look, they are a political nation without a king. Why? because the time of the gentiles is yet to be fulfilled. Think of how much influence the US has over Jewish affairs today as just one example.

      When Messiah comes back again, he will be the king and set up a Jewish kingdom in Jerusalem thus ending and fulfilling the times of the gentiles.

    • ReadMore / Aug 31 2009 3:20 pm

      WRONG. Study the scriptures more deeply. There is something out there staring you square in the face and you don’t even see it.

  2. Bozz / Jan 26 2009 5:22 pm

    Daniel 9:26 describes antichrist as ‘the prince that shall come’, further it gives us a hint as to his nationality, for it says: ‘and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary’. In AD 70, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. The antichrist will be final ruler of the Roman empire restored, this corresponds to Daniel’s visions of Dan. 2:42-43 and Dan. 7:7.
    I need clarification; what does the restored Roman nation is? Or is this more like a future nation with new powers?

    • jesusblogger / Jan 26 2009 5:29 pm

      A nation with the same qualities and spirit of Rome. Not saying it is the European Union, but if you look at that they were created at something called; ‘the treaty of Rome’. Also, if you look at history you see that Hitler modelled himself and his country after the Roman Empire. The prince that is coming, antichrist, will do the same.

    • Linda / Jun 10 2009 5:10 am

      Hi, Bozz!

      The “Roman empire restored” refers to the Revised Roman Empire (which is now called the European Union)–and the anti-Christ will arise out of one of its countries.

  3. lanis / Jan 29 2009 9:06 pm

    JB, good article. I read this link awhile back and found it interesting..not sure of its total credibility, but it stands to reason in several ways. Our American Presidents since 1948 have for the most part been President of Israel. Definitely in policy, so OBama is in that spot. This article I am posting the link a very chilling set of events; even to his campaign theme…change. View the link and then read Daniel 7:25.

    • Cartoon Pig Dog / Jul 23 2009 8:50 pm

      I really hope you didn’t seriously fall for any of that. The theory he posted on that page was a direct takeoff on the theories that have been made public over and over again for decades or even longer. Almost every president has, at one time or another, been “prophesied” to bring about the end of days. Reagan was the Antichrist, they proved it numerically with his name. There have already been at least two other theories based on numbers to prove that Obama was the Antichrist, but in order to make it work you had to follow a few “new rules of mathematics” that are only rules for just that one equation, so that you get the desired number in the end. That number was 666. Pope John Paul II was also proved to be the Antichrist using the lettering on his sash and some other “new rules” for math to make him add up to 666.

      Face it. All of these so called prophesies based on mathematical equations that you don’t understand are just hoaxes perpetrated by people to convince less intelligent people that the end is at hand.

      Just remember, the bible said that NO ONE will know when the end is at hand or when christ will return. For anyone to say otherwise would be to call the bible a liar.

      • PRAYMore / Aug 31 2009 3:41 pm

        Presidents are puppets. All GENTILE world leaders are. LOOK at the hidden hand behind them. Hint: The United States Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank owned by a very powerful family, a family who controls the wealth of ALL the nations. Established in 1913, its sole purpose was to gain control of the United States and hold it IN usur-slavery. “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care NOT who makes its laws.” WHO said this! Who are they, where did they descend from, and what is their religion? Once you discover the answers, read their religious text(s)—you’ll know the answer to the identity of the antiChrist (and yes, there are MANY).

  4. Cartoon Pig Dog / Jul 23 2009 6:30 pm

    Sorry, but you need to study the whole Bible or forget trying to post on it. There is no such thing as the AntiChrist, and no indications anywhere in the Bible that such a being does or ever will exist. As you stated, the word antichrist is only in the Bible in the first and second letters of John, however, you failed to mention the fact that in those scriptures the word is actually “Antichrists” (plural) and the word refers to those who live in contrary to the teachings of Christ and are therefore against Him (hence the word antichrists).

    The Book of Revelation never mentions the Antichrist nor does it give any indication that the Antichrist is what John of Patmos was referring to in his vision of the Beast. If you really understood the Bible and studied it’s inner meanings you would know this. Much of the Bible, and especially the Book of Revelation, is written using analogies to explain certain things. If you really understood John of Patmos and what he was trying to describe you would also understand that his references to the Beast were actually references to Government and not any actual creature. Just as his vision of the return of Christ with a sword protruding from his mouth does not mean he will actually appear with a sword as an appendage on his head, it refers to the sword of truth and you will hear the truth from his lips, just as the heads of the Beast is an analogy to represent the different levels of Government.

    In readfing the Book of Revelation you must take into account the age and mental state of the person who wrote it. John was a very old man in lived in exile without any other human contact. Who he really was is a matter for debate that I will not go into other than to say that I don’t believe he was John the Apostle as many people claim because at the time of the writing of the book he would have been over a hundred years old. Also, his diet on Patmos could have included some of the many halucinogenic mushrooms that grow on the island along with a species of Datura that is known for it’s ability to cause visions in those who ingest it. Of course, if too much is ingested it can also be fatal. So, even if the visions were real, the outrageousness of them could be attributed to halucinations brought on by Datura or the mushrooms or both.

    As for a couple of the comments on here from other books in the Bible that mention “the prince”, these do not refer to the Antichrist either. Most biblical references to the prince are references to the prince of darkness, or Satan, not the antichrist. The existence of the Antichrist only came about long after Christ’s death and it came about because of the misunderstandings people have of the scriptures. The bible is a spiritual text, not a literal text. If you take the bible literally you end up with hundreds of contradictions and misunderstandings of the true meanings of the scriptures.

    • PRAYMore / Aug 31 2009 3:34 pm

      Try again Cartoon-dog-buddy! Look REAL hard, brother. Turn around and SEE what is staring all of you square in the face! Take your blinders off and LOOK. This is a hint: the easiest way to take over a government is from the inside out. Once you gain seats of influence by pretending to be on the side of your adversary, you institute YOUR policies but use the dominant power’s leaders to operate BEHIND. And the only song you hear coming from somewhere you can’t figure out is: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” The Bible writers’ Daniel and John were on the money! The Bible book of Revelation mentions Magog. Magog was one of the sons of Japheth–Magog was a REAL person. And John wrote that the global power that would hold dominance in the last days (our time period) would consist of people who descend from Magog (titilating info, isn’t it?) John was right!

      If you want to know where to begin your search to understand who controls it all, reply here; I’ll respond. In the meantime, when they start rolling out the vaccinations: I wouldn’t get’em if I were you 😉

      • Cartoon Pig Dog / Sep 1 2009 11:37 pm

        Sorry, I have no blinders on, and I have studied religion and the Bible since probably before you were born. The truth is, not a single word in the Bible gives creedence to the claim that there is an AntiChrist or that there ever will be. Just as you have no evidence that we are really living in the last days. People have taken the prophesies of the Bible and proclaimed that we were living in the last days ever since the Bible was written, or, at least ever since the death of Christ, because the signs put forth in the Bible as signs of the last days have been evident in all time periods “there will be wars and rumors of wars”, name a single time in the past 2000 years that there hasn’t been wars and rumors of wars. Read all of the signs of the last days, and then try to find a time in history that those signs were not present.

        And try to remember the words of Christ himself, that NO ONE will know when that time is, “I will come as a theif in the night” and NO ONE will know when the end has come and NO ONE will know the name of the Beast and ALL will be fooled by him. By claiming that you know any of these things, you are calling Jesus a liar, think about that a moment. Do you have a more powerful knowledge of the nature of the end times than Jesus himself ? I don’t think so.

    • r jessurun 144000 / Oct 9 2010 11:05 pm

      stupid how can it be after jezus crist his upstanding olso stupid crist jezus never died pay attention in 8 petrus 2 daniel spoke about the antichrist long before god came full force in to jezus the story job isnt it about a sinister fallen angel also read henoch my regard and blessing s to you 144000

    • r jessurun 144000 / Oct 9 2010 11:40 pm

      i see

  5. Shalemain / Sep 6 2009 7:54 pm

    Isaiah 45:7 must be understood FIRST before any discovery of the Antichrist can be made. THE LORD will create him, Satan is not an entity in control of himself and everything in the universe is under the control of YHWH. Let us understand that the Anti-Christ will be just that, not an atheist but someone who does not believe that Jesus God in the flesh, in the trinity function he is a brother to the elect church as we serve God the father.
    The scripture we use to study must be addressed. The KJV has too many inaccuracies, the text they used to translate into English; the Textus Receptus is still in existence and should be used to study. Gematria can only be accomplished in the original text; newer text like the KJV, NIV, etc. should only be used for reference. There is no pre-tribulation rapture to save the church from wrath. The Lord chastises those that he loves and he uses evil men to do this to Israel in the Old testament and then to the gentile elect church in the New testament to scourge and bring about the Apostasy (falling away) and refinement (12×12=144,000).
    It’s not just that the Evangelist/Prosperity Gospel is a contradiction of scripture; it’s that the prophecy of Revelation says that in the last days this would be taught and that it would be a sign of the Apostasy which needs to happen in the Church before the return of Christ. (Rev. 9:2 – 3)Locust out of a fiery pit with smoke is not literal, Locusts are Scorpions – Skorpidzo means one who scatters the flock, a false teacher. Pit is the word abyss –abusos means a place of no knowledge. These preachers steal from the poor, give them no true spiritual knowledge and cause the apathy behind atheism. The doctrines of Accept Christ (Rom 8:29 – God Pre-ordained his chosen elect from the beginning AND to send the majority of the world to Hell 2Peter 2:12, Prov 16:4), faith healing, Eucharist (eating the wafer and drinking the wine come from the Babylonian priest of Baal – CANNIBAL –Kahn Ba’al -ritual, Jesus was eating the Passover, he was asking the apostles if they would DIE FOR HIS WORD when he asked if they would drink of the cup, Pre-tribulation rapture (1Cor 15:52-We will ALL be changed at the LAST trump) and speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4..the spirit gave them utterance – apophtheggomai – means to speak clear and directly, not to babble a private interpretation).
    The only church I know of that preaches the true gospel is GRACEANDTRUTH.NET. Christmas and Easter are also false and rooted in the pagan customs of Babylon tree/fertility worship which is what was brought into Israel and God scattered them, he’s using those same vain customs to scatter spiritual Israel. God ordained that these would enter the Church to bring about the falling away first (Thess 2:3), the true Christian is hated by the world for preaching the truth.
    The Jews serve as an example of God’s glory on earth. Not to say that as a people they are to be held above other nations or that as individuals they are exalted by God, but ONLY TO PROVE that the covenant with David is true. The Nation of Israel severs as a time clock for prophecy; God does not favor the people of Jewish descent in judgment. The Lord doesn’t favor anybody!! The spirits in prison (phulake’ –division of light and darkness) of 1Peter 3:19 is the gospel being ALLOWED to be preached to the Gentiles to bring about the true spiritual Israel. The literal Jew is blinded from seeing truth by his arrogance, wealth and status in the world, only a remnant will be saved just as only a remnant of humanity itself will be, and why would he believe seeing how foolish the church in America is in preaching obviously Pagan rituals and spiritual contradictions, which is a function the LORD put in place to bring about a means to an end.
    The time of the Gentile is being fulfilled (Luke 21:24) the Jew is in all levels of American Government, he shaped the policies leading to the wars in the middle east and beyond by deception, to form a buffer around Israel and he was ORDAINED BY GOD to do so (Jacob does mean deceitful does it not), he is dominant in financial markets, he uses usury against his enemy and the Godliness is gain / Christmass doctrines of the American church fools it’s members into continual poverty and indebtedness to him.
    The mark of the beast gives the right to BUY or SELL in an every growing, youth seeking and CONSUMERIST society; led by the hand by an entertainment and news media run by him, from porn (Jewish Quarterly, Winter 2004) to rap (production and distribution) to comedians (Bill Mahr, Sarah Silverman) and cartoons lampooning Christ (Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park) to subvert what little true Christian culture we have in this country and it is ALL ORDAINED BY GOD to bring about the end of days. To fight the Jew as a people for these things will bring about YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION because of the covenant with David, THIS is what brings about the battle at Megiddo. Those who fight against God will do it out of an ORDAINED LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. It’s it the INDIVIDUAL that must brought to repentance and to see these things. Whether the actual Man of Sin is Jewish is irrelevant.

    • r jessurun 144000 / Oct 9 2010 11:10 pm

      THE 144000 people why are they not people are you afraid if you believe dont be

  6. selene / Jul 20 2010 4:32 am

    i really don’t think it is obama how can it be so obvious ? how it is written this person will deceive us but not when everyone is suspecting him :S obama is everyone’s suspect right now, he couldn’t act if he wanted to with all the suspense…antichrist is a term used to describe what many believe to be an unknown person who will try to rock the world with his “rule”, it is not a matter of finding that word more than once, it is a term used to describe,but most likely everyone writing in the bible in those instances , is meaning the same person.I would be happy though if i knew it weren’t me hehe 😉

  7. Monique / Aug 11 2010 3:24 am

    The new Pope.

  8. r jessurun 144000 / Oct 9 2010 11:32 pm

    its obvious the the so called anti crist is from a very rich and famous royal family the bible shows us the way there is going to be a time that god takes his hand back that means if you are rich in belief jou get richer in your belief if you are poor in belief you get poorer inbelief recall of the farmer sowing seeds in that time the divel has got full power in that time we see the war between the angels of god and the fallen angel but is that important we shall recognize on his fruits

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