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November 29, 2008 / Nick

India’s unspoken terrorism

The headlines have been dominated by this week’s Mumbai terror attacks by a Islamist group protesting about the situation in Kashmir.  However, nothing is ever said about the terror attacks that take place daily in India by Hindus persecuting and killing Christian’s, forcing them to convert – or die.

I think that the media need to talk about this issue, and while the spotlight is on India these crimes against humanity should not go unnoticed.

Muslims are getting bad press daily for the things they are doing, but no one is talking about the Christian’s that are being murdered by Hindu extremists.  It is saddening.

Christian Martyrs Day – August 25th

A group of Indian Christians are calling for August 25th to be a Christian Martyrs Day in recognition of the hundreds of Christians suffering in India at the hands of Hindus.

See what is really happening in India (collection of YouTube videos)

Hear first hand accounts of Christians forced to burn Bible in his own hand and being forced to convert to Hinduism or die.  Please pray for those persecuted for Jesus’ name in Orissa State.

Graphic images of the persecution that Christians in India are facing.  This is set to the tune ‘what can wash away my sins’ and is quite moving/disturbing.

Attacks against Christians taking place in Karnataka India.

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1. Hindu’s attack Pentecostal Church in Mumbai

2. Hindu woman mistaken for a Christian and gang raped by 20 men then burned alive.

3. Christian Persecution in India blog (providing daily updates)

Pray, Pray, Pray

Remeber to pray for the Christians in Orissa state, Karnataka and all over India (and the world) who are dying daily for their faith in God.  And also for the many thousands who for fear of their live are renouncing their faith and converting back to the bondage of a religion they do not truly believe in.  When you think you have had a stressful day, a rough day, or a day that has not been so good please remember these people who really are living under daily stress and oppression. Pray, pray, pray…

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