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November 25, 2008 / Nick

Advice for new converts

I am about to embark on writing a guide for new converts, a collection of practical wisdom coupled with an outline of what’s happened to them when they said yes to Christ. In the spirit of getting started I wanted to use this post as a thought starter by listing tips and wisdom for new converts. Feel free to comment and add to the list, you will be helping a soul to grow.

Here goes…

Ten Tips For New Converts

1. Take one step at a time. You will feel a little inadequate about not knowing a lot, but it will all come with time. Growth is organic and can’t be forced, think of how a plant grows, it is gradual.

2. It’s all about who you know, not what you do. Often new believers want to be doing the right things and can worry about not doing the right things. The best thing to do is focus on building relationship with God. This is built not through activity per se but through time spent in His presence through prayer and praise and also by quiet refelection on the a scripture passage.

3. Pray little and pray often. Set small, achievable goals and work to these ie. 5 mins per morning, then move to 10 then 15 and so on until you won’t need a time limited goal to work to.

4. Fast once per week. Fasting builds your relationship with God by teaching you to deny yourself of the most important thing to your body – food! This will help to overcome temptations in the flesh, such as anger, lust, swearing, addictions etc. Try to start your fast at 6am with prayer, you may drink water and focus on a verse of scripture throughout the day. Then a reasonable time to break your fast is 6pm with prayer. It may be you set shorter fasts ie. till 12pm, 3pm and so on till you get used to fasting.

5. Invest in a good study bible. I recommend The Thompson Chain Reference, The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible (AMG Publishers), of Scofield Study Bible. Avoid Bibles loaded with too much commentary as it will jade your view of scripture. Examples of Bibles to avoid are Dakes Annotated, also ‘pop’ Bibles such as TD Jakes edition and so on…

6. Invest in a good bible dictionary or handbook to help you understand the bible better, Ungers Bible Dictionary or Henry Halley’s Bible Handbook are good.

7. Don’t get wrapped up in church, get wrapped up in God. It is v easy to get sucked into too many social events, ventures etc to the detriment of your relationship with God. Keep your relationship with God top of your agenda. This may mean turning down invites, going to less events etc but in the long run it will be beneficial.

8. Attend Sunday School and other bible studies – get a passion for the Word, ask questions, grow your understanding of the Word of God. This comes way ahead of joining the choir, being youth worker, fundrsiser or any other noble activity. Remember your no.1 activity is to get to know God.

9. It is not always sunny! I hope nobody was misleading enough to tell you life would be all good when you got baptised? They were mistaken! Now is when trials begin, but with a strong relationship with God you will be alright. Tests and trials come to show what in you needs developing, changing, shedding, moulding and so on.

10. You are the best evangelist in your church. Think about it, your life change is an example to everyone who knew you! Use every opportunity you get to tell others about your new life, invite them to church and soon you’ll have helped someone come to the Lord.

More to come God willing… Do chip in your own pearls of wisdom, or things you wish someone had told you.

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