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October 1, 2008 / Nick

Reflections on the current economic famine

It’s hard to escape the global downturn in the newspapers and TV, but more than that, the impact of the downturn is being felt all over the world by millions of people.   In the west we have enjoyed luxury for so long that we have forgotten what it is like to be in a famine.

Proof of a Global Economic Famine (source: BBC News)

Prices are rising

US Housing Market Crashes

US Housing Market Crashes

UK Housing Crash, Food Prices Rising, Fuel Rocketing

UK Housing Crash, Food Prices Rising, Fuel Rocketing

The Financial Famine

I heard the term ‘financial famine’ used within the news this week and it really struck a chord within me.  Immediately my mind started to reflect on the biblical concept of famine.  In the bible famine is always a sign of God’s judgement upon a nation, or people.  For example, 1 Chronicles 7:14 reminds us that ‘if there be no rain etc, etc…’ then people are supposed to call on God and seek his face for a remedy.  Interesting then that today, British Conservative Party leader David Cameron said that he believes we will come through this financial crisis because he believes in the power of ‘human nature’.  What is striking is that it is human nature which has gotten us into this mess i.e. mankind’s greed.  How then can human nature be the thing that saves us?  The biblical truth is that man has a fallen sinful nature ‘all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’, therefore the salvation from the current famine lies within a turning back toward God.

Restoration of Faith

I believe that the current economic and financial famine will lead to a return to God, church attendance will start to increase again as things get bad.  Unfortunately, it is innate in humans to turn to God when the chips are down.  This is one of our worst traits, not that we turn to God, but that when the sun is shining we forget to give thanks and pray to Him.  But when trouble comes we instantly find we can take time to pray, fast, read and attend church.

The restoration of faith in God may not be a policy which the governments of this world are recommending.  However, turning to God is certainly the answer.  Living by biblical principles would encourage everyone not to live beyond their means, to be satisfied with what they have, and not be driven by the god of consumption.

Consumption Addiction

Current western society is hooked on consumption, we are literally consumed by our desire to consume.  And buying more things does not satisfy.  In place of Sunday worship shopping has taken over as the new religious past time.   Women are mad about there shoes, racking up exorbitant amounts on plastic to fuel the addiction for more.  Men are crazed by the latest gadgets, studying and learning about them pre-release, tarrying for them outside shops and experiencing consumer ecstasy when they get home to play with their new toys.

But the toys and the shoes leave a void.

There is a desire for more, a vacuum has been created which can only be filled by God.  For all the desires and wants we have missed that all we need can be found in Christ.

Maslow was wrong

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

According to Maslow our needs can only be truly met once we have a roof over our heads and food in our belly.  His model is based on get food, get safety, get someone to love you, then you can realise your higher needs.  However, a man in India can have no food, be living in jeopardy and because He knows God He has achieved the top of Maslow’s model – though none of his bottom needs are fully met.  This is one of the reasons that I believe consumption and buying more things, a better job, bigger car, bigger house will not fill the void in anybody’s life.  Only God can fill the gap.

What does the financial famine mean spiritually?

As well as an inidcation of God’s displeasure with our greed, lack of morality, coldness toward each other and general self centredness it is an indication that the stage is being set for the anti-christ and Jesus’ appearing.

Think about it…

1. Banks failing is leading to a consolidation of banks, this is a precuourser to the 1 World Bank.

2. Governments bailing out their national banks is also a sign of consolidation, and that people are now looking more to the state to protect their interests.

3. Soveriegn states can not solve the current crisis.  It is a global problem, therefore it calls for global action.  The increasing interdependance of soverign states is indicating we are heading towards a supra-national government – they type of governing system which would be headed by the anti-christ.

4. The economic famine has created a desire for a saviour.  Governments, banks and society at large are seeking someone, anyone, who has the answers to their finanical woes.  If someone can promise and deliver hope, wealth and prospertiy they are on a winning ticket to control governments and nations.  According to the Bible this is exactly the kind of promise the anti-christ will bring to a hurting world – but he is not of God.



  1. betwixt1 / Oct 1 2008 10:23 pm

    The days ahead are going to be interesting. Most of us in the west have never been in such a situation as that which is manifesting in the financial sector. It’s a time for the saints to place our complete confidence in the Lord Jesus, regardless of what transpires in the ambience. Judgment is in the land, but the Lord knows all who place their complete trust in him.

  2. jesusblogger / Oct 2 2008 12:18 am


  3. brianshaw / Oct 4 2008 3:16 am

    “…the current economic and financial famine will lead to a return to God, church attendance will start to increase again as things get bad.” A co-worker of mine said just the same thing the other day. I’m okay with that–Jesus left the 99 for the 1 lost sheep. If this brings the lost to us, then maybe even 1 will experience the life-long, heart change needed. After all, it was the circumstances of the criminal on the cross next to Jesus that lead him to believe and on into Paradise.

  4. Lee / Oct 15 2008 7:11 pm

    As I’m putting on my site 4 Hurting Christians that all this was obviously known about, yet allowed to happen.
    Can only be two reasons, first not to panic everyone, so keep quiet, hope it goes away.
    Secondly as I’m researching and a believer in the last days, obvious that the Global elite want more control over us.
    Create, or least allow a crisis and then pretend to be solving it and do that by introducing more measures.
    Terrorism did this, now this is doing the same, we go along with it because of fear and we have no choice.
    Those that were in debt to the banks are no in debt to the government with loans that eventually have to be paid back, with the tax payers money.

    Don’t say I’m alright, I’m in a building society as my site’s provided links, and proof, it will affect you too.
    Anyone and everyone will suffer, as they reclaim it one way or another, whether through tax on cars again, or petrol, or tax on the pay packet, or cuts in services, or council tax rises, they will get it back.
    I predict worse to come, and I’m not expert or prophet, but unlike Peter Jones of Dragons Den, saying things are now on the up, anyone can see what is coming, due to all the factors put together, credit card debt, 10p tax scrapped, house prices falling, people behind in mortgages and unemployment and, list is endless and spirals out of control, unless action is taken, trouble is, that action takes away more of our freedoms, and masses go along with it, because the delusion is that it’s doing some good, getting rid of the fat cats etc.
    But it comes down to control, if you are in debt, then someone owns you.

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