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June 19, 2008 / Nick

The Big Switch From Relying on Easy Credit To Faith In God.

It’s apparent that in the UK we are about to enter a recession very soon. The signs of an economic downturn are all around us with increasing fuel and food prices tell tale signs of inflation on the rise. This is compounded by the US Mortgage Market collapse which is now biting us in the UK. Banks who frivolously lent money to people living in trailers now lack the confidence to lend to each other.

What does this mean for the christian?

I think what we are going to see happening in the UK and the US now is a turn away from trusting in credit to solve our problems and a resurgence of faith in God to supply our needs. I have heard lots of talk about the faith of people in the developing world who live daily from hand to mouth. While I doubt things will get that bad in the UK/US I am pretty sure that we will need to be emphasising the ‘give us our daily bread’ element of our prayer more and more over the coming months.

Look out for the switch from credit to faith in God.

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