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June 19, 2008 / Nick

Is raving a sin?

There’s a massive debate raging on Facebook at the moment among young UK christians about raving and if it is a sin.  ‘Raving’ for those not in the know is to go night clubbing.  Now, I am wondering why this is even being debated?  Why there is even a need to justify what about this is sin.  Ok here’s a list of why raving IS a sin…

1. The music listened to at a rave is usually ungodly and this could influence christians negatively.

2. Raves are places where people take illegal drugs and are therefore not a good environment for Christians to go to have fun or unwind… this is a place where you are opening up for temptation.

3. Raving is somewhere people go to ‘get laid’, ‘get off’, ‘pull’ etc, etc… dancing body to body will create a problem for even the strongest willed christian out there.

4. Raves often trun nasty esp. black raves (shame on us) where gun shots can be fired by more ignorant types.

5. Even the sinner does not expect to see the christian rubbing shoulders next to him at a rave.  It compromises our ability to show the unsaved the gospel. We become a stumbling block.

There’s 5 simple and obvious reasons christians shouldn’t rave. 

The debate continues on the Facebook group ‘Is Raving A Sin?’.



  1. aideenj / May 29 2009 6:07 pm

    This made me laugh.

  2. bknickmay / Jun 5 2010 11:56 pm

    sorry but your completely wrong about raves. Seeing as you’ve probably never been to one. One of the biggest universal themes of all raves is the concept of PLUR(Peace, love, Unity, and Respect). Its cause of people you like why I am not Christian or just religious in the first place.

    • ChassT / Feb 14 2011 6:13 am

      Sounds like you are religious, and by the way Jesus is Gods son Im sure you know that anyway if you ever read the BIBLE in the new testament JESUS was against the RELIGIOUS leaders thats why he was killed.Jesus is not a religion, Christianity is a faith with a real God, JESUS was a real person.You are the one judging sounds like you are worshiping this idea behind a RAVE every person that I know thats a raver is almost always trippin’ on acid or xcstasy to amplify their rave experiences, which to them seems like they are in this positive aura and in a sense it is like a pagan ritual or like how Indians smoke payotee before their rain dance or pow-wow, just a rave is a “New AGE” religious seramony, much like “FREE LOVE” in the 70’s.Peoples minds are alltered with endorphins while they are there so it feels “RIGHT” or like a false “SENSE OF BEING” . Another point You should know is that there is alot of FAKE people who smear the name of CHRIST, they are lofty people who do look down at people who rave or whatever but sadley to say that they are wrong they are just PLAYING CHURCH, giving true CHRISTAINS a bad name Im sorry you have encountered alot of these, but you will be exalted higher in heaven then they will.Please check the BIBLE out for your self, dont go off someone elses twisted opinion or your bad experiences but WE ALL, every race, culture religion what have you judge and are rude thats human nature, I like to quote a famous scripute “To he who has NO SIN cast the first stone”. Take it for what JESUS meant he was one and probley the only WISE MAN that has walked the face of the earth.So if you decide to take up my challenge to you to investigate the BIBLE for yourself realy ponder it and read it slow not fast or just skim through it, because it has all the answers in it for life and why people are stuck up and the way they are. You will be surprised, if you take it to your heart, and hide it there you will be able to spot a “WOLF in SHEEPS CLOTHING” Sincerly Chazz 🙂

  3. Ifeadi / Aug 18 2010 11:27 pm

    Its a sin coz when i used to go there like 6 years ago, I felt extremely uncomfortable in there and ashamed when it ended

  4. Lawrence / Sep 14 2010 5:55 pm

    People look at raves in a bias point of view. If any christian knew what a rave was for, or what it stood for then they wouldn’t look down on it with such disrespect. As with anything there are always going to be folks that make the scene look bad IE drugs, etc. If people are going for the music and the friends then there should be nothing wrong with it. The music is about expressing ones love for everyone no matter where they are coming from, to me that’s more christian then turning your nose up on it because its “ungodly”. Dont judge when you dont have any idea.

  5. harry / Feb 13 2011 12:12 am

    Hi there
    It seems there are people that think every christian was born in church I spent years raving in clubs parties etc I know for a fact it is a sin its all in the bible 1st Peter 4:1-5 Gal 5:21 etc I got saved became a Christian I don’t need raves just like I don’t drugs or booze I’m free

  6. Hal / Feb 13 2011 5:23 pm

    How can a rave be a sin? It is merely an all night dancing event where people are moved by the spirit of friendship, love, and music. It is a connection with the same primal and spiritual energies released in a spirit filled church during Sunday morning worship.

    Music is a Gift from God. In all its forms. It is a matter of that music being used to give honor and praise to God. I have been to secular raves. Yes they are full of sin, moral corruption, drugs, promiscuity, but I have also been to Christian raves where I have shouted and praised for hours on end until I collapsed from fatigue in praising God.

    As Matthew 18:20 states, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

    I guess the question really comes down to the name, and as Christians we know that there is power in the name. So if “rave” is a name, then we can declare it as a sin based only on the name. But if it is only a description… I invite you to my Church on a Sunday morning, you will see a worship service full of the spirit, filled with music, filled with dancing, filled with shouting, filled with expressions of friendship and love…


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