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February 22, 2008 / Nick

Do Oneness Pentecostals believe that God is no longer the Father, or the Son?

A depiction of the Trinity doctrineThe critics of Oneness Pentecostalism usually revert to very ancient arguments when trying to refute our dcotrine. They try to make Oneness Pentecostals equal with the Monarican Modalism as defined by Tertullian when he wrote against Praxeas, and later Christian Monarchian Sabellius.While it is true that their are similarities between the belief of Oneness believers and the Monarchian Modalists, who believed Father, Son & Holy Ghost are 3 manifestations of the One God – as opposed to the Trinitarian view of eternal, co-equal ‘Persons’.There is one stricking difference which critics of the Oneness Pentecostals often miss.Tertullian criticsed Praxeas for believing that God assumed the role of Father in Creation, then in redemption He was the Son and now He is the Holy Ghost, the problem being that Tertullian reports his opponents don’t believe God is NOW Father, or NOW the Son (i.e. those roles have passed). As none of the writings of the Monarchian Modalists exist today we can’t know for certain if they really did understand God in that way. But, today Oneness Pentecostals are accused of not believing that God is NOW Father and God is NOW Son, due to our belief in God who manifests in 3 roles.

The truth is that Apostolic’s don’t limit God to a series of linear, successive manifestations. God in His infinite power is Father, Son and Holy Ghost simletaneously and yet He is still ONE. And Jesus is the express image of His person (Col. 1:3).So, just to set the record straight. Oneness Pentecostals believe in One God, who is at the same time Father, in the Son and working as the Holy Ghost today.



  1. 1st_veracity / May 2 2009 9:56 am

    God is God. No limits.

  2. Chris / Sep 7 2009 4:21 pm

    Trinitarians believe that God is one as well. That is why Liturgy refers to the “Life Creating Trinity” as “One in Essence and Undivided”.

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  4. Dr. Bernie Wade / Nov 23 2009 11:29 pm

    This is very well written. Superior to most of the articles written on the subject. The writer gets to the major points, answers the critics and then states the position.

    Well done.

    That is the view from my porch….


  5. Dr. Bernie Wade / Oct 22 2010 2:09 pm

    When men try to understand God with idols or mathematical equations it always leads to error. We need to be careful to use the terms that God used to describe Himself. When we look at the OT as the true instead of made in the pattern, when we see everything from Genesis instead of seeing everything from Calvary we miss the interpretation of key Scriptures like “Let us make man in our image”. What image? The one that God would manifest Himself – Jesus Christ. Those in error try to see this an another person rather than what God said, “The manifestation of God”. Perspective is key in understanding Scripture.

    That is the view from my porch…

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