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February 8, 2008 / Nick

The ‘just because’ love of a Father.

Being a dad has taught me so much about God as a Father.  I really thought I grasped the concept of “Our Father” but I’ve learned how little I really understood about the Fatherhood of God.  It just goes to show that some things we never really understand until we go through and experience it for ourselves.

Take for instance the moment when my daughter was born, it was one of the most magnificent, breath taking events of my life.  No, it was the most magnificent, breath taking event of my life (just after being filled with the Holy Ghost anyway).  I imagine how Our Father must have lovingly looked upon man when he breathed the first breath into Adam’s nostrils and the inanimate clay man exhaled, eyes wide open.  God really does love us, its a love I can now appreciate more since being a father.  That is, I don’t love my daughter because of any particular thing she does, or says, or because of how she looks.  In fact she can’t talk, she can’t do anything for me, she’s unable to walk, needs to be fed, clothed and changed by me (and her mom)… but I still love her.  And I love her simply because she is mine.

God loves us “just because”… just because we are His.

Knowing the basis of our relationship with our Heavenly ‘Abba’ defines the way we’ll approach Him.  If we know He doesn’t love us based upon performance we can rest in the knowledge that He loves us because we are His, not because we pray x3 times a day, fast x1 a week, tithe etc.  Not that we shouldn’t do all of those things as obedient sons, but God loves us ‘just because’.

The just because love builds our faith and we don’t live in fear that we’ll never match up to His standard, that we’ll be lost, that we aren’t ‘really’ saved.  He loves us ‘just because’ and it gives us confidence to believe everything He promised us.

God may not even appear when we want Him to.  But the just because kind of love is a love you can trust. If you are waiting on your ‘Abbba’ for something and it seems like he isn’t coming, just keep on trusting.  I’d never leave my daughter to cry for ever, and likewise God will pick us up.  Sometimes the baby doesn’t understand that she can’t be held by mom and dad all the time, she’ll cry and cry and cry, not realising that if we hold her we can’t prepare her food, or her bath etc. Then it struck me that some of us, myself included, are often like the baby – we love to be held by God.  Being held is a visible sign of His love and attention.  But the truth is, sometimes the Lord puts us down, He does this to take care of our situations and fight our battles for us. Its in the times when we aren’t being held by our Father that we need to remember that He loves us ‘just because’ and he’ll never be too far away from us.

Stay blessed.


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  1. Nancy / Jul 26 2008 11:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I was blessed by reading this. I am going through a though time understanding God’s love for me. And this has given me an idea of how to approach my situation. Thanks.

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