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November 21, 2007 / Nick

Introducing The Bible…


The best introduction to the Bible I have ever read! “This Book has the power not only to inform – but to reform and transform lives. Through its influence countless people have been given a new strength… It is supernatural in origin, eternal in duration, divine in authorship, infallible in authority, inexhaustible in meaning, universal in readership, unique in revelation, personal in application and powerful in effect.  It is given to you here in this life, it will be open at the Judgment, it is established forever. Come to it with awe, read it with reverence, frequently, slowly, prayerfully.” Source:  The Bible: Its Power & Effect, Gideon’s Bible, p.18 (Mayday Hospital Maternity Ward)


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  1. april strawbridge / Nov 23 2007 8:23 pm

    love it!

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