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November 3, 2007 / Nick

The God that answers by fire

A couple of weeks ago our cooker broke down, we phoned the manufaturer and they quoted us £80 ($160) just to come out and look at it. Well, with no other option in sight we accepted the cost and agreed a date for them to come out. Then it dawned upon me to ask God to fix it, so that night I prayed about it (while my wife did a Sarah and laughed as I spoke in tongues for our oven!)

The next morning I woke up and knelt down to pray. As I started I heard the Voice say to me: ‘Go and switch your cooker on’. Now, for me this was a great challenge of my faith, for though I had prayed I was scared at the thought of me trying to get it working and it failing. There and then on my knees I decided to trust God and put the cooker–for which we had tried everything and couldn’t get it working–back on. And guess what? As I turned the dial… F-I-R-E! The thing came back on.

And that’s how Jesus made me feel like Elijah. A small miracle, but a saving of £80 ($160). Thank you Jesus!

Here’s another powerful testimony I heard on YouTube recently, He’s not only a God that answers by fire, He’s also ‘a bullet proof God’…


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  1. Scavenger / Nov 3 2007 3:43 pm

    Wow… that is a powerful testimony.

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